The Artist

Salvatore Tropea was born in Sicily (Italy) in 1974 from modest parents, who, from an early age, saw in their Son natural and exciting artistic skills. They recognised an impressive talent and allowed him to pursue his aims of attending Art College.

Salvatore studied for a Fine Arts Degree at The University of Catania (one of the most artistic cities in Sicily), where he graduated in 1998. For Salvatore, Catania was an excellent place to learn and understand, through local professional Artists, the language of modern Art of the early and mid 20th century ( Wassilly Kandinsky, Machel Duchamp,  Man Ray,  Joan Miro’ and Pablo Picasso ) that allowed a different way of expressing perception.

In 1999, after exhibiting his paintings in various art fairs, observing the surrounding society and current artistic trends in Europe and America, and after visiting important European cities, such as Rome, Milan and Paris, Salvatore decide to travel to America. In New York, he  appreciated a different approach to Art and Graphic Design and adapted and developed his own style.

Travelling brought to the artist a greater understanding of the meaning of Art; he was able to relate his work to modern life and his passion towards modern industrial design, such as railways and great skyscrapers, and the intrinsic relationship between modern and old buildings.

In this style, the artist is able to express forms, lines and colours, using a new modern art code. Salvatore creates the reality in front of him using an innovative technique, mastered by himself, combining acrylic painting with pen and refined drawing using a scalpel blade on extra fine canvas.

In this way, the artist achieves a vibrant and unusual balance, layering colours and then scratching them off again with a delicate and refined drawing, carefully and meticulously using the scalpel blade.

In 2000, Salvatore decided to shake-up his life with more excitement and interest,     visiting one of the most cosmopolitan and controversial city in the world — London.    This city has become for the Artist a pivotal place where he can express and compare his works with many other exciting modern artists. London is also a great place to visit museums and galleries, to view other contemporary works and those from the great masters of the past.

Salvatore still lives and paints in London, the  great city of inspiration for his latest works.







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